(Netizen: A user of the Internet)

The internet is a place where information and data can be easily distributed at instantaneous speeds. Netizens may share their personal opinions, standpoints or comments about suicide on the internet. Due to the easily widespread influences of social media, please think carefully as a responsible netizen before expressing your opinions. For information pertaining to reporting suicides in media, please refer to the Media page

  1. When coming across posts showing possible risks for suicide
    • “Better be safe than sorry”. Even if you are unsure whether the users may be at risk of suicide, please try to contact and locate them, and try to make sure there is someone accompanying them. If you cannot contact them for any reason, you can call the police (999) for assistance.
    • Avoid using emojis when responding those who are very distressed, because they may misinterpret your emoji responses. Instead, consider calling them directly.
    • Do not mock or criticize them, or make any judgments based on their behavior.
    • If you have ensured their safety as well as yours, try talking to them. Please refer to the Friend page on handling suicidal matters.
    • If you feel you are not able to handle their emotions or difficulties alone, you may call the hotlines provided by social service organizations or other online support resources. Try to encourage them to seek help from the professionals on their own initiative, or with a friend.
    • Trust your instincts and take initiative in caring for the people around you!

Online/ WhatsApp Emotional Support

Institution and service name Target group Description Service hours Language
Jockey Club Online Youth Emotional Support-OpenUp 11 to 35 years old Instant online emotional support for youth with emotional distress or suicidal thoughts
WeChat: hkopneup
SMS: 91 012 012
24 hours Traditional and Simplified Chinese
The Samaritan Befrienders Hong Kong
All ages Instant online emotional support
Mon to Sun
(available in public holidays)
Cantonese English
The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups
uTouch online outreach counselling service
24 years old or below Instant online emotional support
Mon to Sat
(except public holidays)
Cantonese English
Mon to Sat
(except public holidays)
The Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong
Nitecat Online
24 years old or below WhatsApp
9726 8159 / 9852 8625
Mon, Tue, Fri
(except public holidays)
Cantonese English
Caritas HK
Infinity Teens
24 years old or below WhatsApp
Mon to Fri
(except public holidays)
Cantonese English
Stewards Teens Online 11 to 25 years old Instant online emotional support
Mon to Fri
(except public holidays)
Cantonese English

If you want to know more about emotional support resources, please read Emotional Support Hotlines

  1. When you come across suicide-related news, discussions, etc.
    • Avoid sharing the news as it may cause the Werther effect (a.k.a copycat suicide) or bring about uncomfortable feelings to readers (For information pertaining to identifying this type of news please refer to
    • If you believe the news or comments may cause the Werther effect or bring about unpleasant feelings to readers, you can send a complaint to the original content creators, asking them to remove all unsuitable content for the sake of readers.